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About Us


Joe McGrath has worked in a variety of industries over the years.

Based in Paris for two years, he covered Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, primarily as a Marketing Director for one of the world's largest manufacturing and distribution companies. Returning to Ireland in 2006, Joe became a Director with a large Shower Door manufacturer.

One of the first things Joe noticed was the number of complaints coming through, due to Showers Leaking!

In Ireland alone, the company had a

team of 5 technicians whose job was to

satisfy customer complaints.

Almost invariably, when the technician

visited a  home to fix the problem, it

turned out to be one of two things:

  1. The shower door had been incorrectly installed

  2. Water was getting through:

  • The tiling grout​


  • The "seal" at the bottom of the tiles where they meet the tray


Quick Fact:

     Did you know that

     30% of showers leak in the first year?

     70% of showers leak in the first 3 years?

This got the old grey cells working.

Joe studied the market and discovered that the North American and Canadian markets, were mostly using a system of encapsulated showers, without tiles or grout and with no joins between the walls and the tray.

These were moulded products that came out of moulds with the walls and tray already joined in the manufacturing process.

The products were excellent functionally, but Joe wasn't impressed with the appearance.


Joe then set about designing a whole new version of the concept and you now see the results:

  • Beautiful & Stylish

  • Modern

  • Minimalist/Spacious

  • Quality at it's finest 

While also retaining the functional features:

  • No Leaks Guaranteed

  • Virtually no maintenance, self-cleaning

  • Strong enough to last a lifetime and beyond

We now manufacture these in Ireland and distribute throughout the Island of Ireland, North and South, primarily through a network of

Bathroom Showrooms, Retailers and Builders' Merchants.


Our Leak Free Showers Will Never Leak!




We then continued to develop products that we felt would make a difference.

We've developed a range of shower doors specifically for those who are infirm and have difficulty with high step, normal showers.

Our range includes:

Everything we do, is meticulously designed and built to give you a great bathing experience.

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