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The Aqua Bainini Deep Soak Bath

The Little Walk In Bath, that fits most small bathrooms

If you’ve been missing the comfort of bathing and only have a small bathroom, then our Aqua Bainini step-in bathtub is the perfect solution for you. Probably the world’s “biggest little bath,” its beautifully sculptured shape will fit into most spaces.


It has been specifically designed to revive the joys of bath time whilst giving you the freedom to bathe alone in luxury and total safety. The unique, inward opening watertight door means you can simply step in, sit down, relax and unwind in a bath of warm water at your own leisure.


The contoured 17”/444 mm high raised seat means no more struggling to get up or down and at nearly twice the height of a standard bath, you get the added benefit of a true deep soak experience from a safe sitting position.  Options include a purpose made canopy and curtain should you wish to opt for a refreshing shower.


The Aqua Bainini can be installed with the same ease and speed as a standard bath.  The Aqua Bainini has been produced by world leading designers, engineers and manufacturers with over 20 years experience in the unassisted bathing market.


With added options such as temperature controlled water filling and the 14 jet spa, this is your bath the way you want it!  Let the Aqua Bainini bring back the joy of bathing !

The Aqua Bainini Deep Soak Bath Features - 

1020mm x 660mm

  • Fits most small bathrooms

  • Easy access step in/out Bath

  • Inward opening 360 mm front-door

  • Watertight white door seal

  • Slip resistant flooring

  • Easy-Lock Arthritic door handle

  • 430 mm/17” High Comfort Seat

  • Sturdy Steel Frame

  • 14 jet Spa Optional

  • Only available in Left Hand configuration 

Additional Extras include:-

  • 14 Jet Air Spa System

  • Easistep

Aqua Bainini Deep Soak Bath
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