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The Aqua Bathe

If you’ve been missing the pleasure of bathing in a full length, lay-down bath, then this is the one for you.  Elegantly styled, this beautifully designed standard length bath has a built-in powered seat that simply glides you up and down at the push of a button whilst you luxuriate in safety and comfort on our new Concordia seat

The powered seat, which can be easily removed for regular bathing or cleaning, effortlessly lifts you up and down by using the waterproof touch controlled handset. The Aqua Bathe can be installed with the same ease and speed of a standard bath.  Optional extras such as the 6 jet hydrotherapy system will allow you to soak away your aches and pains, bringing a true home spa experience to your bathroom!  The Aqua Bathe has been produced by world leading designers, engineers and manufacturers with over 20 years experience in the unassisted bathing market.  Features such as a pop up waste with a built in arthritic handle, a strong steel framed reinforced shell and a bathing depth of over 12”/310 mm of water means you can bathe time and again with total peace of mind.  The bath can be manufactured with the watertight door located on either the left or right hand side of the bath to suit your needs. Furthermore, the door has been specifically designed for wide, inward opening, allowing totally unrestricted access.  With a range of options such as these, this is your bath the way you want it

The Aqua Bathe with Aqua Option Bath Features - 

1670mm x 750mm

  • Guaranteed watertight seal

  • Up to 17"/430mm seat lift

  • Pop up waste

  • Lifts up to 325lbs/145kg

  • Anti-tilt safety seat with Easi-lock release system

  • Thermostatically controlled

  • Lever taps available

  • Slip resistant shower area

  • Low level entry

  • Left or right hand door opening

  • Optional hydrotherapy spa system

  • Towel holder built in to shower screen

  • Standard head rest

  • Standard Concordia seat (shorter Contoured version available)

Aqua Bathe Power Bath
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The Aqua Option

The door is centralised where bathing access is compromised by basin or toilet.  Door handle is on the outside & features new lower sculptured seat

Pricing for both baths include:-

  • Bath

  • Seat

  • Power Unit

  • Front Panel

  • End Panel

  • Handset Holder

  • Bath Mat

  • Pop-up Waste

Additional Extras include:-

  • Shower Screen

  • 6 Adjustable Hydrotherapy Air Jet System

  • Additional End Panel, if both ends are exposed

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