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The Aqua Marina

The Ultimate Walk In Shower Bath with Removable Seat Lift

The Aqua Marina is everything you could want for your bathing experience. The soft contours look and feel wonderful.  The low threshold, the easy open door, the optional powered seat and the spacious glass surroundings are all designed for safety and ease of use. 


Stand or stretch out in luxury and with complete peace of mind.  The smooth, silent powered seat, gently lifts you up a full seventeen inches and softly down again.  It is simple to operate with a touch control handset.  With over 12 inches of water, you can enjoy a full deep bath again.


With the seat removed, the bath can be used by all the family and the hydrotherapy option makes bathing truly enjoyable for all.

The Aqua Marina Bath Features -

1675mm x 840mm

  • Powered seat

  • Shower screen

  • Cushioned luxury headrest

  • Robust steel frame

  • 6 adjustable hydrotherapy air jets (optional)

  • Chrome fittings (optional)

  • Thermostatic controlled taps (optional)

  • Easi-step

  • Easy to use pop-up waste

Pricing includes:-

  • Bath

  • Seat

  • Power Unit

  • Glass Shower Screen

  • Front Panel

  • End Panel

  • Handset Holder

  • Bath Mat

  • Pop-up Waste

Additional Extras include:-

  • Cushioned Luxury Headrest

  • 6 Adjustable Hydrotherapy Air Jet System

  • Easistep

Aqua Marina Walk In Shower Bath
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