Level Access Shower Tray


The Neptune low-level access shower tray, designed for ease of use.
All of our level access trays are made from durable GRP and are Non-Slip and CE certified. The tray edge is less than 4mm high making wheelchair access easy.

The tray can be installed on wooden or concrete floors.


Timber floors:

Mark the floorboards to allow for the tray to fit into the floor and trim. Ensure the waste will fit, allowing for joists. Place a sheet of plywood over the ceiling with lots of holes in the ply to allow for expansion of the foam. Fill the void with expanding foam, ideally foam that stops expanding on contact. Use bonding like CT10 or TEC7 are ideal, to attach the tray to the surrounding floor.


Concrete floors:

Excavate the floor to allow the tray to fit. Remove the tray and create space and channel for the waste. Fill with sufficient mortar to support the tray completely.

Fit the tray and waste, using adhesive around the edges, CT10 or TEC7 is ideal.

Level Access Trays include Waste