The Oakham Plus Bath Description


Built on a sturdy Stainless Steel frame, we have a non-porous acrylic shell which resists mold, stains and wear spots. This is far superior to a gel coat produced bath.

The design allows for easy access for wheelchair users as transferring across onto the seat is unrestricted.


The patent door and jamb are made from aluminium and the lock is very easy and safe to operate, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. At 110cms, we have the widest door available making it so easy to access for persons with severe mobility problems.

Maximum user weight 35 stone.


The Oakham Plus Bath Benefits Explained


The latest Micro bubble spa system from the US gives you a softer Hydrotherapy massage and the air jets automatically purge any water from the system after bathing.

The Oakham Plus Bath Features

  • Two Grab rails.
  • 2″ waste fitting.
  • Full tap and shower set.
  • Water jet package.
  • Left hand & Right hand versions available.


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Oakham Plus Walk In Bath