Neptune shower pods are enclosures that completely eliminate the risk of leaks. Their 4 layer marine-grade material construction is completely impervious to water and their shape offers no gaps for water to escape, the tray is directly bonded to the walls and the upper section of the back wall is joined by a flanged section too high for water to reach. On top of these advantages over traditional shower enclosure design, the surfaces of these pods are hygienic and anti-microbial, so no staining, fungi or mold will develop.


Installation is easy, with no tiling, grouting or silicone required, and no need to support the tray with concrete or screed. The tray is completely self supporting and tested to withstand up to 60 Stone (281Kg) of weight.


Neptune Leak Free Shower Pods are available in a range of colours and sizes and the doors are separate components to the pod itself, allowing you several shower door options to create the perfect enclosure for your bathroom.


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3 Sided Alcove Shower Enclosure