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Walk In Baths
Frequently Asked

Essential Questions when Choosing a Walk In Bath

Why should I buy a Walk In Bath ?

A Walk In Bath makes for an easier and safer bathing environment.
To enter a conventional bath can require negotiating a height of over 500mm to get over the top rim. Our Walk In Baths have a Door Access where the step-in ledge is on average 190mm.


Why types of Walk In Baths are there ?

There are 3 categories:

Standard Baths: These are similar in size and height to a conventional bath and fit into the same footprint, but with ease of access.

Shower Baths: Same as standard bath but with a wider 'L' or 'P' Shape at showering/area to allow for a comfortable space for showering. These baths usually come with a shower screen.

Deep Soak Baths: These have an integral moulded-in seat and are taller in height to allow for deep soak bathing in a sitting position. Consequently, they are shorter in length to conserve water.

Which type of Walk In Bath should I choose ?

This depends on your physical condition and personal preferences. Deep soakers offer a safer bathing environment because of the added advantage of the integral seat, which alleviates the hazards of getting up and down and reduces the risk of a fall.  They also offer ease of access directly to and from a wheelchair.

What else should I know ?

  1. You cannot fill the tub until the door is shut. You cannot exit the bath until the water has drained.

  2. Our baths generally have 2 wastes for safety, in the unlikely event that one should fail and also to significantly reduce the drain time.

  3. All Walk In Baths should be fitted with a thermostatic valve to regulate the temperature of the water, to a maximum of 43 degrees centigrade, to prevent the risk of scalding.

  4. The bath door should always be kept unlocked when the bath is not in use, in order to preserve the door seal.

What should I consider prior to ordering ?

  1. Decide which bath handing is most appropriate for your bathroom – Left Hand Side or Right Hand Side Door Entry.

  2. Decide if any End Panels are required – the Front Panel is included in the price. If your bath is tight against a side wall then you won't need an End Panel for that side. You will need an end panel on the opposite end if open or you could consider boxing in or even have a storage unit fitted.

Are they straight forward to install ?

The short answer is yes. A standard or shower bath fits into the same footprint of a conventional bath. A deep soaker being taller in height and shorter in length would require some making good in the space that is vacated when replacing the existing bath.It pays to use a good and professional fitter in any bathroom installation and for Walk |In Baths it is particularly important. This is because the bath needs to be fitted firmly to the floor and wall to prevent any movement or sagging of the bath when occupied, to ensure the integrity of the door water seal.Typically, the majority of installations are completed within 2 days subject to the works required.

What else should I consider ?

It is a good idea to consider and make a list of all your requirements and the accessories you may need prior to getting a quotation for installation. For example:

  1. Bath taps and their position. These should be high flow ¼ turn lever taps with 22mm feeds to ensure fast fill of bath.

  2. A handheld shower to allow you to rinse off while the bath drains in addition to an overhead shower.

  3. Grab support rails.

  4. Our baths have a slip resistant surface at doorway entry area, however, you may decide an additional slip resistant mat might be prudent.

  5. A fast fill pump may be advisable should you not have a modern hot water system to fast-fill the bath.

  6. Advise your fitter to keep the height of the step-in ledge as low as possible by lowering the bath height.

A good and professional fitter should do a full and detailed survey of your complete installation prior to any works and advise on all the above.

Why should I buy from Neptune Bathing ?

You have the reassurance that the bath you purchase is manufactured and supported by one of the most established and respected manufacturers in Europe.  Your bath is manufactured specially to order. Once your sale has completed, we will contact you to liaise on delivery and advise on installation and on the care and maintenance of your bath.

Neptune Bathing is a well-established company that has been operating throughout the merchant trade in Ireland and Northern Ireland for many years.  We have a solid reputation for excellent customer service and care.  We understand your needs and we understand that you might not have any prior experience with these products.  We won’t confuse you with too much information, we stick to the information you need and we’ll help you every step of the way.  This is our commitment to you!

Is there any Warranty ?

Yes, we offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all of the baths that we produce from the date of delivery.  Should you find any fault with your product, you can get in touch with our Customer Services team and we will do all we can to rectify the problem. 


When it comes to our Seat Lifts, the warranty covers the initial 12 month period for parts and labour only.  However, we would always encourage any customer to contact us with any query they may have.  




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