Innovative long lasting half-height doors with 360-degree hinges for flexibility and ease of use.

Stylish and durable to complement any bathroom. Our unique Versa system with adaptable profiles allows for easy and hassle-free installation.

Less-abled Showering Solutions

Helping you to live your life the way you want, without compromise


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Introducing the Neptune Versa range.

Every hinge on the versa range has 360 degrees of movement, this gives you:




The Neptune Versa is fully reversible on site. This simplifies the ordering and installation process. No need for complicated configurations. One door for every scenario.


Perfect accessibility

Fold the doors back and you can access the entire showering area.


Great space saving

You can fold the doors right back out of the way.



Doors that are much harder to damage as they can move in and out with no strain on the hinges.



Superb attention to detail.

All parts are built for style and long-lasting durability.

Ergonomic handle, move doors with ease

50mm of adjustment on each side

360 hinges allows for full movement
in and out.

Tough, replaceable seals

Everything we do is designed for your comfort and ease of use.

Note the ergonomic shape of the locking handle.

Safe and secure.

  • The Versa Door has a unique wall profile.

  • This allows for a 50mm adjustment on each set of panels.

  • All doors and trays are ex-stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

  • The Versa Door is available in corner entry or alcove variant.

  • Large selection of sizes available.



* Door adjustments include all sizes in between and are ex stock


Neptune Dec Tray

Our Nepdec tray… Your wetroom solution.

Our Floor Former DEC trays are designed for luxury. They can be tiled over or vinyled over, giving you the look of a truly beautiful showering area.

Teamed with mosaic tiles, the effects can be stunning. The trays fit into your concrete floor or over the joists on your wooden floor. You simply tile or vinyl the entire bathroom, including the tray, to give a really great flooring area. The trays come with the option of a square, metal grid for tiles or a round, white grid for Vinyl.

Wastes allow the removal of 48 litres of water per minute.

We only use McAlpine waste outlets, the best, giving you complete peace of mind.


The Neptune low level access shower tray, designed for ease of use.

All of our level access trays are made from durable GRP and are Non-Slip and CE certified. The tray edge is less than 4mm high making wheelchair access easy. The tray can be installed on wooden or concrete floors.

Timber floors:

Mark the floorboards to allow for the tray to fit into the floor and trim. Ensure the waste will fit, allowing for joists. Place a sheet of plywood over the ceiling with lots of holes in the ply to allow for expansion of foam. Fill the void with expanding foam, ideally foam that stops expanding on contact. Use bonding like CT10 or TEC7 are ideal, to attach the tray to the
surrounding floor.

Concrete floors:

Excavate the floor to allow the tray to fit. Remove the tray and create space and channel for the waste. Fill with sufficient mortar to support the tray completely. Fit the tray and waste, using adhesive around the edges, CT10 or TEC7 is ideal.

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